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reblog if you’re single as fuck

if I were as single as fuck, I probably wouldn’t be so single

Ai yai yai

Guyz, that last post was meant for my secondary blog.  *facepalm* I am so dumb.

But feel free to check out the other 99 entries of my public diary over here.

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The Best Decision I Ever Made

Sunday, June 02, 2013 – 8:11 pm

     Geez, I am sorry.  This is in fact my 101st post.  I can’t bring myself to post the last one.  Not yet.

     I need this whole thing to become the norm before I can share it.  Everything just needs to calm le heck down first.

     Besides, he doesn’t want me sharing it either.  It’s a mutual agreement…for once.

     For now though, we can catch up on all those stories I‘ve stockpiled (and I mean stockpiled) in my handy little threateningly long list of topics.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013 – 10:10


     Sooo…yeah, I’ve been writing about one boy on this one blog a hundred times over for six months.  *facepalm* Ai yai yai.  The things I do because of this kid.

     All these celebrations with 100 posts and 6 months of writing makes me want to recap all the good times we had, but I kinda did that in my 100th.  But I can still do something similar this time around.

     Let’s see.  In six months eight people have gone from total stranger to great friend and become eight of the most special people in my life.

     First there’s of course my Beau, the whole reason I’m talking to you right now, but you hear about him all the time.

     So then we have Esude, my Beau’s best friend, and one of my closest friends.  Him, alongside James, my follower-turned-friend, have advised and guided me this entire way.  They’ve been there for the happy announcements and they’ve been there to pick me back up out of depression and confusion.  Without them, I don’t think I would have managed.

     Then there’s A and my Tabby Cat.  These two are sisters and most definitely adorable.  While A intently listen to every little detail about every little story and fangirls about every little thing, my Tabby Cat rolls her eyes and has even tried to strangle me on multiple occasions.  Tabby is a very nice person, but she tends to use physical force to get what she wants.  Ever since I made it clear that I enjoy it when she uses her karate on me, hits a pressure point, or even put me in a choke hold until I feel dizzy, she’s stopped.  It’s really rather disappointing.  At least I know I can always come to her for fight choreographing and self-defense.

     And finally we have Ember, Flicker, and Candle.  These three were my friends before I met anyone else.  On the very first day of our theatre group, the director was introducing them as our costume department, and then asked if anyone else other than them knew what cosplay was.  From the total opposite side of the room, a hand frantically raised and made quite a scene.  That hand was of course mine.

     That day we all became friends and we hung out every week until Ember and Candle had to leave for work reasons.  I still talk to them often and tell them all the little details of my life, and Flicker I even get to see once a week along with the first four at our youth group.

     I love Ember so much because she makes me feel like I have a bigger sister whenever I need one.  (Now I do actually have an older sister, but I don’t bother her with this stuff.  That’s what extended family is for.)  If I’m ever down, she’ll cheer me up, and together we come up with the dumbest fads.  The invention of “coo” was the most well-known of them.

     Then she goes and writes a freaking trilogy of novels like some hotshot.  I was up till about 1:30 am finishing the first one this morning.  IT WAS SO GOOD I WANT TO DIE.  You guyz can check it out and even buy a hard copy here.  (The second two have yet to be published so don’t freak that you can’t find it yet.)  The cliffhanger is bordering Reichenbach Fall cruel.  Not cool, Ember.

     Then there’s Candle whom listens just as intently and fangirls quite hard as well.  On top of that, she takes up projects like making this just because I asked her to.  She is a passionate animator, shipper, fangirl, and could probably list 20 animators she met in person whom were involved with make the movie “Epic” which just came out a couple weeks ago.

     And finally we have Flicker.  I see this gorge gurl once a week, and we always talk about the strangest things and make the most obscure references only the two of us ever get.  It’s fantastic.  It’s like we’ve known each other our whole lives and grew up watching the same TV shows at sleepovers and crap because our references are that obscure.  About 90% of the things we say, the other either gets it, or turns it into a reference on the spot.

     So there you have it, 6 months of building friendships has gotten me better friends than I had ever wished for.  Before meeting those eight, I had one friend whom I saw monthly at best.  I was very lonely and starting to go stir crazy from the nothing that always seemed to be happening around me.

     Joining this theatre group was the best decision I ever made.


“I love you,” I whispered to my characters as I destroy their lives.

The most unrealistic aspect of Star Trek or really any scifi is that there would be a time when earth could focus on exploring space instead of focusing on itself and its own problems which could create a nuclear world war, destroying most of earth, so that we will never know if the pretenses of scifis were a possibility for the future or purely fantasy.
You were my Sun.
…Night fell.
(via eredis)


i smile to hide the agony.

i smile to ease the ache.

i smile to convince myself

that i am stronger than the pain

Is it over?


I know it isn’t, but I
          it is.
I don’t want it to be

   over.     I need
something else un-
   reachable to
      reach for.


least              until I
reach             that
.               Then
I’ll toss          it aside
   and start again.


I’m addicted to
               making the
     Once I’ve
done it, what’s the point?


Inspired by


You hand me your heart tucked
       neatly into a bouquet,
          each flower whis-
           pering another
                    |   |
                    |   |    /\
                    |   |  /   |
                    |   |/    /
                    |       /
                    |     /
                    |   |
                    |   |
                    |   |
                    |   |


I found my life in your eyes
Every breath swelled into their color

"She is always trying to make her life a replica of the one she has created inside of her head. Isn’t that mad?"


Fragment 2


My Poetry 


My Poetry 




Why do they call it “falling” in love when it feels like flying?

because falling’s just like flying

except it has a more permanent destination